MCS – a better location in Texas?


Kathleen wrote:
I saw your e-mail address on the MCS-Global website.
Just in case you could help us, I’ll ask….
Do you know of areas in Texas where chemically sensitive people have done better with their health? I see your specialty is the actual housing, which we may need at some point. But right now we’re trying to locate an area that would be more “healthy” for my husband who has MCS.


Well the only thing we know for sure in Houston has one of the worst air qualities in the world, so not there. I think in general the rest has to be look at by location – depending on sensitivities.

Most important is to look and see where the trade winds come from, and what is upwind from there. In general, prevailing winds in TX are NW during the winter and SSE for the rest.

Now to find out what industries are upwind from you

This website is a great resource in general to find out more about things we dont think generally affect us, like a concrete plant. Consider also allergens – molds, cedar, pollens and such. I had an mcs client that smoked but got send for spin if he took a whiff of pine.

Have you worked out a comprehensive plan for your husband? Using natural products at home and organic diets has a tremendous impact, and i have seen many recover, including myself.

Im sure you know you can think more clearly than him, he is lucky to have an understanding and helping partner!

A few documents of interest

Chemical Sensitivites documents
Chemical Sensitivities for beginners
Chemical Sensitivities-resources

If you need more help let me know, i do consults in all aspects of mcs.

Thank you,
Andres Schulz

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