Agriboard - Boerne

Agriboard Residence and School - Boerne, TX

Agriboard Residence - Spicewood, TX

Agriboard Residence - Spicewood, TX

Agriboard Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) are framing, insulation, and sheathing all in one! Standard SIPs have styrofoam as their core insulating materials, but Agriboard uses wheat or rice straw that is compressed into a panel.

They also reduce the amount of waste on any residential or commercial jobsite because the panels are engineered to your plans at the factory, eliminating the need for cutting and cast off wood and sheathing. Agriboard’s panels eliminate over 80% of the dimensional lumber used in traditional constructions by substituting straw and OSB.

Agriboard’s straw core uses no adhesive binders. Safe and effective borax compounds are added to eliminate mold and insects.

You can get specs from PDFs, or contact Agriboard.

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